Hunter and Pigeons Telugu Short Stories for Children

Hunter and Pigeons | Telugu | Short Stories for Children | HD | Jataka Tales

Hunter and Pigeons Telugu short stories for children in HD, Jataka Tales. This story is from the famous Jataka Tales which is a collection of moral stories for your kids.

This story is from the Jataka Tales. Through the centuries these Jataka stories have been much more than fairy tales. They were, and are, taken very seriously for their moral and spiritual teachings. Each tale begins by noting the occasion that prompted its telling and ends with the Buddha identifying the lives of the people in the introductory story with those of people from the past. There is humour in these stories and considerable variety.

There were flock of pigeons lived on the banyan tree. Everyday the pigeons used to fly in search of food in the morning and gather in the evening on a banyan tree. All the pigeons used to share food amongst themselves and used to live happily. They saw plenty of grains strewn around on the ground. All of them came down on the ground to pick up grains. But it was a trap laid by a hunter. Watch the whole story to know whether the pigeons got trapped in the hunter's net or not.
Moral : Unity is Strength

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